Can You Lose 20 Pounds in A Month

Can you lose 20 pounds in a month? You absolutely can if you exercise right and stick to a natural and healthy eating plan. Many people sabotage their weight loss plans by consuming pills, powders and eating and drinking less. This is a mistake.

You are living flesh and tissue that needs to consume live foods in order to thrive and survive. Do not consume dead, processed and overly refined foods.  Your body cannot process these foods and you become fat.  They have no enzymes and they lower body’s immune system. Your body feels starved and you pack o the pounds instead of lose them.

Trying Too Hard Is Not a Good Idea

You can make yourself miserable and even end up gaining weight if you try to hard while trying to lose weight. Those who know how to lose 20 pounds in one month will tell you that calorie deprivation does not work.

Eating better often involves making big lifestyle changes.  Big changes are not accomplished in life overnight.  You need to be very patient with yourself to make sure that you can stick to your goals or you will fail, get disappointed and give up. This is a sure way to demoralize yourself to the extent that you will never be able to meet any of your weight loss goals.

First of all forget about trying too hard! That means dispensing entirely with the idea of counting calories.  Forget any ideas you may have about eating nothing for days and days. This puts your body into “famine mode.”  When your body believes it is starving to death it will start conserving fat so that you do not suffer nutritionally. The end result of this is that you look much fatter no matter what you do.

There Is No One Rule for Everyone

Your first challenge as a dieter who wants to change their life for good is to eat in a way that works for you and that is not unhealthy.  For some that means eating a vegan diet and for others it means including some meat in the diet as a protein source.  There is no one set rule. If you know you feel weak and cannot function just eating vegetables then do not try it. Eat some meat too so you feel strong, sharp and focused.  The point is to stay away from eating fried fatty meats or preserved meats that are full of nitrates.

On the other hand some people feel better just eating vegetables. Switching to an all vegan organic diet has often been known to accelerate fast weight loss in some individuals. Their systems digest nutrients and fiber efficiently and they just do not need to eat meat.

One word about meat – do try to eat meat that is organic as possible every chance that you get. It also helps to trim the fat off the meat so you can reduce your calorie intake.

The key is that if you are eating natural and whole foods it will not be necessary to count calories.  You will just not feel hungry as your brain will not be triggered to eat by any feelings of emptiness. Your body naturally knows what to do in order to balance you at a healthy weight.  Your body is much better at triggering fast, easy weight loss than any pill or powder you can buy.

Starving Does Not Work

You should also never ignore your hunger as that is your cue that you need to eat. If you feel hungry then go ahead and consume so food. You will not gain pounds as long as it is healthy natural food like fruits vegetables and whole grains.

Do not think for one minute that staying hungry will keep you thin. In fact the exact opposite happens. Your body slows down the burning of your metabolism to a very slow rate.  It is a defense mechanism against hunger.

If you have a slow metabolism the cause might be that you have tricked it, through dieting or bad eating habits, to think that you are in a famine. Your body may be conserving those fat cells for you to live on at a later date.

If you starve yourself you might also find yourself experiencing all kinds of different cravings. Usually these cravings are for salt, sugar and non-complex carbohydrates;  everything that you can find in junk food.  Make sure that you do not deprive yourself to the extent where you absolutely must eat foods to satisfy urges that are beyond your control.

Eat Whole Raw Foods

Research has shown that those who consume whole raw foods consume fewer calories. It’s not because they’re starving themselves. In fact, they will likely spend more time eating and eat a larger volume of food than their meat-eating dieting friends.  Eating raw foods takes time and effort. They take a lot of effort to chew and are full of fibre (so good for your intestines!) that digests a lot slower in your body. Therefore you just do not feel that hungry.

The reason your body loses weight more efficiently eating these types of foods is because fruits, vegetables and grains are much less dense in energy than animal foods. They simply pack fewer calories per cupful or spoonful but they are full of the kind of complex carbohydrates that you need to burn for fuel.

You burn these calories slower because fat has nine calories per gram while carbs and protein only have four calories per gram.  Fiber makes you feel full and adds almost no calories to your meal and vegetables and fruits are chock full of it.

This means that every time you consume a healthy meal, you may reduce the calories that you consume, digest and absorb, even if you eat significantly more food at one sitting.

So, know you know how to lose 20 pounds in 1 month! Eat healthy natural foods, don’t starve yourself and get plenty of exercise and the pounds will peel right off of your body in no time!

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