Is It Possible To Lose 20 Pounds In A Month? – Part 1

The best weight loss plans include menu ideas that you can prepare for yourself at home and suggestions for regular exercise.  The reason for menu plans is very simple, if it tastes great and you can make it easily and cost effectively at home you are more likely to stick with it.  Menu plans and cooking for yourself also teaches you what types of food to eat, how to prepare them, and portion control techniques which will get you the lasting results that you are desperately searching for.  Regular exercise is another key aspect of successful weight loss that can be maintained.  Beginning an exercise program can be difficult; however, regular exercise is well worth the effort.  Losing weight safely and effectively takes hard work but the reward is worth the effort.  It is one thing to drop twenty pounds to only put back on twenty five pounds or more when you fall off the wagon as typically happens with rapid weight loss programs.  However, it is a completely different experience to achieve the weight loss you desire while learning how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

No matter which rapid weight loss plan is followed, it typically is not safe or healthy to lose weight at a rapid rate unless under a doctor’s care.  There are several physician supervised rapid weight loss programs which are widely marketed.  One example of a widely available medically supervised weight loss program is the Coastal Medical Weight Loss Centers.  Rapid weight loss is sometimes recommended while under a doctor’s care especially in cases of morbid obesity or when other health issues are a factor.  However, this is not the norm and is not typically recommended for those seeking to lose 20 pounds.  It is important to remember that it is very difficult if not impossible to keep weight off when it is lost quickly.

Oftentimes people think of weight loss as a race; however, when you race to lose the weight you don’t learn how to keep it off.  Keeping the weight off requires learning healthy eating habits.  Take for instance, if your car breaks down would you take it to a shop that is known for doing lousy repairs that could result in higher repair costs in the future, or possibly place you life in jeopardy while driving down the road.  Most people would never dream of doing such a thing with their car but will with their weight loss.  Many times when it comes to rapid weight loss you are doing exactly that, placing your life into the hands of scam artists and charlatans that are mass marketing schemes to the masses.  Slow and steady weight loss is the safest way to lose weight and keep it off.

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